History of the House

Built between 1910 and 1913, Fort Hemenway Manor received its name from first owner, Frederick Hemenway, who designed and lived in this 5,000 square foot house. He was a bachelor, and owner of Big Meadows Ranch in Idaho. After serving in the Spanish-American War, Hemenway was entitled to timber claims, which he came west to file. From these different interests, he became a wealthy man.

John Thompson, builder of the old Kootenai Inn, constructed the majestic house, so that it would look down on rival, Mr. Clark's house, now the elementary school. Hemenway hand picked the fir on the first floor and grand staircase, which came from the coast. The chandeliers were custom made in England, and the hand-made bay windows and built-in buffet and bookcases feature beautiful beveled glass. Originally, there were forty acres on the plot, but the land has since been divided and sold. During the time that Hemenway lived there, there were many parties held, and beautiful furniture both upstairs and down. Hemenway's sister, Lucinda came to keep house for him, and they lived there until 1948, when they built the house across the street. Hemenway died in 1952.
Current co-owners, Gigi Bebaux of Post Falls, Idaho and Deborah Moskovitz of Sacramento, California, met in Sacramento. In November of 2003, they bought Fort Hemenway Manor, and decided to make the house into a bed & breakfast business. They had a dream of a beautiful, peaceful, and extraordinary location, that would be a homey place to come and relax. After putting together their talents, during a long period of renovation, Fort Hemenway Manor is now open for business as a Bed & Breakfast. Gigi will be your host, when you come to stay.
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